How Curated Health Meal Plans Fuel Your Body 

Health meal plans help you achieve proper nutrition, hit wellness goals and manage chronic medical conditions in a systematic and organized way. This makes assimilating it into your daily routine easy.

A balanced meal is one that includes healthy carbohydrates, protein, fat, dietary fibers, and other health-promoting micronutrients and compounds. It is essential to maintain sodium levels at no more than 2300 mg, 10% saturated fat, 300 mg cholesterol, and 10% added sugars.

The health benefits of proper meal planning are extensively researched and well documented. However, it is best to consult a Registered Dietitian and/or Certified Nutritionist before starting one to ensure allergies, drug interactions, etc. are taken into account.

Lose Weight with Our Healthy Meals

Designed By Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Your weight management depends exclusively on your daily calories intake (Kcal)- 1200, 1400, 1600, 1800, and 2000- which we help you monitor.

Following this daily as a rule of thumb enables you to flexibly fit them in where you need them most, based on your routine and lifestyle.

Our color-dot rated food items come with a clickable recipe card, which includes household serving sizes and analyzed nutrition labels.

Our delicious and healthy eating plans include meal preparation tips making them extremely convenient to follow and easy to prepare.

We provide leftovers meal prep plans, nutrition analysis, grocery lists, built-in recipes, and so on to help you manage your resources better.

Heart, Gut, Liver, Bones, and More 

Healthy Meal Plans to Take Care of All

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Live Your Best with NutriPledge Health Meal Plans

Incorporate our evidence-based healthy food plan themed to tackle any health condition you have.

Can your wellness meal plan substitute for a diet plan I am already on?
What are the guidelines and principles your meal plan is based on?
What nutritional value do I get from following your meal plan?
With so many healthy ingredients how do I ensure that the meals are tasty, too?
Will your meal plans help me feel more energetic throughout the day?