Therapeutic Nutrition for Any Condition

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Carefully designed nutritional diet plans can tackle various health and medical conditions, including obesity, heart diseases, lung infections, among others. We follow this approach toward the diagnosis of your condition by our in-house Health Coach, a registered dietitian nutritionist. After careful prognosis of food and drug interactions, allergens, and other factors that may contribute to heightened side-effects, we tailor make custom diet meal plans for you. For example, diet plans for weight loss usually include some sort of laxative content, which is harmful to the body in the long run. So, we ensure that we provide a natural, scientific and evidence-based solution to your problems, by complying with national standards like DGA, etc. Distributing nutrients by the 50-60% total carbohydrates, 15-20% total protein, and 25-30% total fat mark, we assure you of the safety of your food intake.