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Webinars and Workshops for Focused Wellness

More people give up on their diets and fitness routines because of logistics. This is where our wellness webinars come in. Let us explain.

Through our extensive on-ground technical experience, we have found out that gym membership sales tend to skyrocket around the time of festivals, especially New Year’s, with little to no response in the long term.

The psychology behind this is plain as day. People can’t prioritize consistency in their health with their advancing day-to-day responsibilities even after struggling to stay motivated.

It is a logistical problem that can be overcome by home-delivered fitness solutions like attending a one-click online webinar. When people find and build a community, they commit.

Eat Right. Beat Disease. Live Well. Join the Conversation.

Designed for adults, our webinars and workshops are a simple and inexpensive way to learn healthy eating basics for you, your family, club, organization, or business lunch n' learn program. Here are key things to look forward to:

  • The relationship between food intake, nutrition, and wellbeing.
  • Root cause analysis of developing nutrition-related health conditions.
  • Evidence-based nutrition recommendations to prevent them.
  • MyPlate, DGA, DRI guidelines to improve nutrition, health, and wellness.
  • Advisory on applying these guidelines for preventive nutrition care.
  • Personalized Medical Nutrition Therapy to manage obesity, diabetes, cancer, thyroid and heart disease, etc.

Cost: $25 per person

Bringing People Together to Build Communities

Why is Our Health Education Workshop for You?

You get a hands-down approach to finding the real causes of your health problems and suggestions to heal them by a registered dietitian nutritionist.

You do not fall into the rabbit hole of Google searches linking every health issue to cancer and scaring you into taking rash decisions that may not be medically sound.

We discuss national guidelines like MyPlate, DRI, DGA, etc. for your meal planning and break the application process down for you without using jargon so you understand.

You can choose to opt for our medical nutrition therapy service after a webinar or workshop which we would ensure to customize for your personalized needs.

What you eat fuels your body, affects your wellbeing and impacts your health, so our fundamental function is to guide your portion size and diversity.

Mindful Health Webinars for Restorative Wellness

Hear From Our Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Mindful Health Webinars for Restorative Wellness

Hear From Our Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

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