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Air-fried Falafels served with Tahini Sauce | Yellow Dot Recipe | Healthy Balance

Therapeutic Thursday Recipe

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Falafels are a staple in Middle Eastern delicacies, particularly Levantine cuisines, usually made with protein-packed ground chickpea paste. Often served with pita (flattened bread), or sauces like tahini, air fried falafels are a great way to enjoy this dish without compromising on the taste, texture and health. 

Air-fried falafels can be easily incorporated into your daily or special occasion party meals. For example, to make it a fancy super bowl party food you can accompany any of your favorite salads and make it to a falafel super bowl. (We will share this recipe shortly. Stay tuned!) 

It is a protein-rich snack providing 15% daily value (DV) of protein, and 20% DV fiber. It is also an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, like copper (40% DV), vitamin K (30% DV), manganese (25% DV), vitamin B1 (17% DV), folate (10% DV) as well as iron (9% DV). 

Folate lowers the risk of stroke and other cardiovascular diseases, while manganese and copper protect clogging of arteries, among other metabolic functions. 

Overall, these combinations of micronutrients are excellent for gut and heart health, improved metabolism, and healthy blood formation. 


Health Rating and Therapeutic Health Benefits: 

The Air-fried Falafels served with Tahini Sauce dish is rated as a Yellow Dot in our food rating system (Food Coach). This means this food is healthily balanced due to following healthy qualities that are known to promote positive health and wellbeing if consumed as a part of a healthy diet and lifestyle. Here is what else that rating entails. 

  • Moderate in calories per serving (200 calories per 3-4 falafels) 

  • A healthy balance of fat (11 g), Carbohydrates (20 g), Protein (8 g), and Dietary Fiber (6 g, 20% of daily value) 

  • Contain zero trans-fat and zero added sugars 

  • A healthy balance of sodium (220 mg, 10% of daily value) 

  • Good source of iron (2 mg, 10 of daily value) 

  • No food additives, artificial flavor or color 

  • Densely packed with health promoting nutrients, vitamins, minerals and other beneficial compounds. 


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