Take a free assessment of your current dietary and nutritional intake, health, and lifestyle, and find your NutriHealth score. Get a glimpse of how it is calculated:

Lifestyle Assessment:

We take into account your lifestyle indicating factors like exercise, habits of drinking or smoking, drug routines, etc. to give you your NutriHealth score.

Diet Assessment:

In order to calculate your NutriHealth score, we assess your diet by analyzing the nutritional value of your meals and snack options.

Demographic Assessment:

 Lastly, to come to an accurate NutriHealth score, we take an assessment of your demographic factors like age, sex, kind of occupation, etc.

Results by RDN:

 Our in-house registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) analyzes all the details provided by you to give you an industry standard NutriHealth score.

Please provide us with the details of the food you consume on an average day to use Health Coach. If you’d like to sign up for our monthly meal plan newsletter, you can register before or after using Health Coach.