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Xylitol - A Sugar Substitute - Friday Food Talk

Sugar substitutes can satisfy your sweet tooth without adding empty calories, but they might pose a risk to your heart. This Friday, NutriPledge rates and talks about Xylitol, a sugar substitute. A Red Dot | Watch Out Food 

The Good -

 ·        Sugar substitute that tastes like sugar with minimal calories.

 ·       May satisfy your taste buds without raising your blood sugar levels.

 ·       May help with weight management due to saving empty sugar calories. 

The Bad -

·       Sweet flavors activate the taste buds associated with sweetness, leading to cravings for more sugary foods.

The Ugly - why we rate it 'Red' –

 ·      Zero Nutrition

·       Xylitol is a sugar alcohol produced commercially through chemical modification of sugars like fructose and glucose. 

·       Could be detrimental to your heart according to recent research study. 

Empower yourself and safeguard your health and well-being with our expert insights and recommendations:

A study found that higher blood levels of xylitol, a sugar alcohol, were linked to an increased risk of dying from a heart attack. The study's author suggests that xylitol should be considered similar to cholesterol in terms of heart disease risk. He emphasizes that sugar alcohols, including xylitol, are risk factors for heart disease, much like cholesterol. While this study specifically discusses xylitol, numerous other studies highlight the general harmful effects of sugar substitutes, including links to cancer, heart disease, and other health issues.

Overall, sugar is one of the most dangerous ingredients in our diet, associated with obesity, inflammation, heart disease, metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, and Type 2 diabetes. Avoiding all sugars, including table sugar and sugar substitutes, is how to live healthier.

To satisfy your sweet tooth, try recipes with abundant natural sweet foods that nature provides. We are passionate about featuring no-added-sugar recipes on our blog. Enjoy this refreshing Raspberry Lime Fizz recipe to satisfy your sweet craving, refresh you in the summer heat, and get numerous health benefits from natural, healthy ingredients.


Xylitol is prothrombotic and associated with cardiovascular risk.

The Popular Sugar Substitute Xylitol Could Have Some Major Heart-Health Risks

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