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Homemade Sweet Potato Fries - Therapeutic Thursday Recipe

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Are Sweet Potato Fries healthy?

Well, this recipe is moderate in calories and provides a healthy balance of carbohydrates, fat, and dietary fiber (4g, 14% of the daily value). Dietary fibers offer numerous health benefits, such as enhancing digestive health, promoting heart health, aiding in weight control and regulating blood sugar levels.

One serving of this recipe also delivers over 100% of the daily value of Vitamin A, which is known as Retinol and supports healthy vision, skin, bones and boosts the immune system.

Additionally, Sweet Potato Fries recipe meets 16% of the daily needs for Vitamin B6, which boosts the immune system by supporting chemical reactions that create disease-fighting white blood cells and T cells. Studies have linked low levels of Vitamin B6 in older adults with poor immune response.

Nutripledge rates this recipe as a Yellow Dot recipe in our food rating system which makes a healthy side dish or snack.

Therapeutic Health Benefits:

1. Moderate in calories with a great balance of healthy carbohydrates, fat and dietary fiber.

2. Promotes digestion, supports weight maintenance, and regulates healthy blood sugar levels.

3. Supports healthy vision and bones and boosts the immune system.

Fun Facts about Sweet Potatoes:

1. Sweet potatoes belong to the Convolvulaceae or Morning Glory family, not the potato family (Solanaceae).

2. They taste sweet but have a lower glycemic index than regular potatoes

3. Unlike many other starchy vegetables, sweet potatoes can be classified as diabetic friendly.

Sweet potatoes contain a unique root storage protein (Sporamin), which has been shown to exert significant antioxidant effects. Sweet potatoes produce sporamin whenever subjected to physical damage to help promote healing. This makes sweet potatoes a valuable food for boosting antioxidants in the body.

Enjoy as a healthy and delicious side dish to your favorite sandwich, wrap or burger with dip or sauce.

Please check our next Friday Food Talk to get nutrition comparison between McDonald Fries and homemade Sweet Potato Fries.

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Disclaimer: Please note that this page is not medical advice. This can only be used as general guidance to a healthy and balanced diet for your health and wellness. This food does not ensure an adequate or inadequate and safe intake level for a single person. Please consult your healthcare provider and check out our Medical Nutrition Therapy services for the meal plan that is right for you! 

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Disclaimer! Please note that this page is not medical advice. It offers only general guidance for a healthy and balanced diet. This food does not guarantee an adequate or safe intake level for any individual. Please consult your healthcare provider and explore our Medical Nutrition Therapy services for a meal plan tailored to your needs.